Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires cut and polished to perfection.

From Mines to Market

With our expertise of over a hundred years, we have developed a legacy of trust in cutting and polishing precious coloured gemstones in the gemstone capital of the world, Jaipur.

We are honoured to be Gemfield’s Authorised Auction Partner and take immense pride in bringing responsibly sourced, ethically mined natural gemstones to our atelier and transforming these raw beauties into cut and polished pieces of art.




We curate the finest rough stones from mines around the world including Zambian emeralds, Brazilian emeralds, Colombian emeralds, Mozambique rubies, Madagascar sapphires and Ceylon sapphires.

To maintain the originality of the extracted gemstone, we do not treat our gemstones, however, if any gemstone undergoes any sort of treatment we always disclose it to our clients.

We are able to cater to our clients’ specific requirements since we deal in all range of goods from commercial to exclusive, high valued precious coloured gemstones.

We specialise in layouts, pairs, calibrated and big size gemstones so unique and rare that it will be hard to find similar gemstones elsewhere.

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