My Best Festive Decorations for Christmas 2

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KOBO Candle Pick-Your-Four Pack

Nothing bespeaks of the holiday spirit like a natural soy scented candles . This natural scented candles not only is a pleasure to look on and smell because of its aromatherapy fragrances  but  it is also  perfect for pampering or gift-giving.  And guys, if you are not sure what to give, we can guarantee you won’t go wrong with these divine scented candles, these wonderful fragrance candles make unique women’s gifts.

Margarita Glass Gel Candle in Tropical Tiki Hut Gift Box (Set of 4)

Burke Decor not only have more than 40 aromatherapy fragrances to choose from, but it also  carries decorative candles with remarkably gorgeous packaging, in case you need to send a present directly to your loved one .

Mixed Silk Peony with Glass Vase

You can also use cheap transparent vases filled with colorful beads. Place a couple of these around the house for a holiday look. Alternatively you can also fill up the vases with strands of single colored lights in red, white and green. The vases should be of different sizes, place them near an electrical point and switch on the lights in them.

It is best to keep a limited budget for your festive  decorations  for Christmas so the most appropriate places to shop are dollar stores and you can save the rest for gifts after all a family can never have too many gifts. So enjoy the holiday season with your entire family and involve everybody in creating their own decorative masterpieces.

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