Cleaning is the Main Part of the Process

If you have the hobby to collect Vegas casino poker chips then you must take a very special care for your collection. Such a collection seems a great possession and nobody can ignore and leave any gap in maintaining the collection. Poker chips need to be maintained very carefully and they should be kept very clean.

Many casinos in Las Vegas release a specific number of chips in a regular way. It is another fact that old casino chips are becoming very rare as new online casinos are taking place in terms of old casinos. They are becoming vintage casino chips as the old casinos are knocked down to give place to the new ones. So the chips from the old casinos are becoming a rare collection for many people and it has an additional flavour for many. Poker chips and regular other casino chips can be found in one dollar and up. This chip collection focuses on the face value. Many collectors keep their collection in very decorative cases so that they can add an extra attraction and can an extra value. They become very proud to display such rare and innovative collection in such beautiful decorative way.

Many people desire to make such a nice collection as this is a very unique hobby. These rare chips are very unique in their structure and appeal. This is the reason as many people want to collect casino poker chips just because of the uniqueness that they possess. Numerous people don not even realize that the main part of the maintenance factor lies in the cleaning method of such chips. Cleaning is the most important factor as far as the maintenance of these playing chips is concerned. You need to learn the proper way to clean such poker chips and maintain your collection in a very systematic way.

Best among the lot

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Internet brings the facility to access all top levels casino hotels and people can book online as well. They can compare the rates and can decide after thinking again and again and design their stay beautifully within their budget. There are numerous houses, motels, or hostels with basic lodging during a holiday in Niagara Falls. Marriott Niagara Falls View Hotel & Spa is a surprising hotel which is located just 100 yards away from the edge of the falls. The hotel gives an immense experience to its visitors and also offers a nice sight along with high level casino experiences as well. The casino section has specially designed windows so that a player ca also enjoys the beauty of the scenery while playing. The gaming area is unforgettable due to its casino experience. There are various casino games very much available in this casino like poker and many more.

Decorative Wallpaper In Murals

Murals are one form of decorative wallpaper you may want to add to your home. While murals have always been popular in homes as a main feature in the space, they were usually painted. Today, you can get the same look with much less the work and far less the cost of hiring a professional painter to design a mural for you. For those who are looking for a way to add a focal point to a room, these may be one of the best ways to do so.
A mural wall covering may work in many areas of your home, depending on what the design of the mural is. Still, do not limit yourself. You are sure to find ways to add a theme, design, color or other aspect to the space using murals. Here are a few ideas on how to use this form of decorative wallpaper.
For your dining room, you could create a mural on an odd wall that showcases a fine dining bistro.
You could add vines that wrap around the room to create a unique look to the space.

Brown and Black Flora Wallpaper
In the kitchen, murals can be used to make statements, especially if you use the type of mural that offers fun or inspirational sayings. Use a fun beach theme mural for that large, empty wall in your bathroom. Add a few accessories with the beach theme to the room to complete the look.

Perhaps one of the most common areas to use murals is in a child’s room. You can easily do this by adding many fun themes. Does your child love a special character? You may want to decorate their room around an alphabet theme. Or, have a full wall mural done on one of their walls that represents a forest or magical kingdom. Here you can get as creative and as unique as you would like to.
Rapture Wallpaper in Soft Blue  Graham & Brown
Application Tips
If you are considering the purchase of wallpaper murals, there are several things to think about.
Always measure the space you plan to add the mural to before you buy it. This way, you do not have to worry about buying the wrong size. Both the height and width of the space should be taken into consideration.
Choose a mural that you will love for a long time. Some of these can be more expensive that you may realize. If you are unsure if you will like it, hang a picture of it in that space for a few days to see how much you like it later.
Some murals are harder to install than others. Read the directions first.
As you can tell, there are many ways to use decorative wallpaper murals within the home. The key is to be unique.

How to Choose Home Accents-Tables and Chairs for Christmas


Home accents include installations, products, furnishings and features that enhance a home decor and give it a distinctive appeal. Home accents can be anything a clock, chandeliers, candle holders, wall curtains, fireplace, and garden tables or even display shelves. They should always be sync with the interior design style used and should perfectly blend with the color schemes used in the home.

People can often benefit from the expertise of a professional interior designer who can advice on the perfect home accent products or a skilled artisan who can prepare customized accents. This article briefly talks about Accent chairs and accent tables.

Accent Chair- Accent chairs can provide a great distinctive touch for your living room. There are many types of chairs available-upholstered, canvassed or cushioned chairs. Ottomans, chaise lounges, and exclusive armless chairs are great concepts for captivating and appealing chair designs. First thing to be looked in a chair is the comfort factor.

Howard Dining Chairs

An accent chair must be comfortable to sit in and match your home decor. This is important as many times people get carried away by the design and do not pay much attention to the seating comfort. Such chairs then just form a display item.  Accent chairs can be used in drawing room, dining room, study room or even game rooms. For the drawing room/sitting and study room, comfort should be the foremost factor in deciding the accent chair.

Mott Coffee Tables

Accent Table- There are probably more designs of accent tables available than even the types of accent chairs. Custom-made coffee tables can be an amazing centerpiece to your living room and greatly enhance the elegance of the entire room. A solid wooden table made with mahogany looks extremely elegant and suave. You can even have a elegant chess table placed in the living room. You can also have decent accent table in your garden area for that morning cup of tea. Care must be taken that the  home accents table and chair are chosen such that they complement each other as well as the design of the house.


My Best Decorating Tips for Winter Home Decor

Doing up the home for the winter months in a manner that reflects the season would be both practical and pleasing to the eye. It’s a fact that most people spend a tremendous amount of time at home during winter and decorations for the winter should permeate into every part of the home from the living areas to the toilet areas. The general manner in which to theme a home for the winter is to go with darker shades for linen and furniture. Winter is a season with a lot of festivity too so it’s appropriate to gear for the season with a festive spirit.
You should begin with the practical aspects of winter decoration. The windows are a source of heat leakage and heavy drapes should be hung up in anticipation of the cold.
Ruffled Shower Curtains by India Rose
This change of drapes and curtains should be carried out throughout the home. Next in line would be the furniture. With people spending more time at home, it would be wonderful to have furniture that is more comfortable and is fun to laze in.

Get a Free Rug Pad with Purchase of any Rug
Go with throws and rugs that can blanket the furniture if you have these. They add to the attractiveness of furniture. Also, cushions should be given covers that ‘yell’ for a hug. This would depend entirely on you, but quilted material is ideal for the season.
Next off, if you have a fireplace, this ought to be decorated, since a whole lot of time would be spent in front of this. Decoration here would depend entirely on what you like, but reading material, objects of attraction (like a miniature wooden totem pole for example) or festive decorations would be in order.
A lot of food too is prepared and eaten during the winter so the dining space would especially become more attractive with a change in decor. Go with deep colors for place mats and kitchen linen. You could pullout more attractive linen for any festive celebrations at home. Also, since this is a special time for the family and those friends that visit, getting out the good china would add to the attractiveness.
The bathrooms and toilets could do with a sprucing up too. Mats on the floor so that feet don’t get cold, a decorative heater (to provide that extra bit of warmth) and products that enhance long luxurious baths should be added in during the winter months.
Lighting should definitely be in sync with the seasonal decor. Highlighting trees and hedges with ambient light or sparkling light gives an enlivening spirit. Golden lighting within the home gives a pleasing and warm feel that’s perfect for winter. Outdoor winter figurines too may be lighted so that these are highlighted. All in all, the entire effect created should be that of warmth, and belonging.

Lighting up for Christmas Decorations

7 Foot Douglas Fir – Green I am, without a doubt, a total freak when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Yes indeed, I am quite an adult, yet I still believe in Santa Claus! I think I am living proof that one does not have to spend beyond your means to light up the holiday.
To do this, one certainly has to depend upon the habits of richer folks. They are always looking for “new” and “more” and that leads to some fine discards of really good decorations. I shop for my own “more” at thrift shops, yard sales, and after Christmas” sales. It does help to be able to make minor repairs.

70 LED C6 Strawberry Green Lights – Green Wire – 4 Inch Spacing – Polybag – Case of 24 – $ 298.80
Retail Price: 436.56
You Save: $137.76
The only string of lights I’ve ever bought “new” is a relic from 42 years ago, that I bought for my wife’s and my first Christmas, together. Everything else is second hand and this is a great way to save money. Replacement bulbs can often be found in boxes of miscellaneous goods at these sales. I may have to take some pure junk in those boxes to get my treasures.
I am not some spendthrift crank. It’s just that I, like many people these days, need to be careful with my dollars. So what if I have many different kinds of lights, and ornaments. I think that makes my displays more interesting, than so many of today’s, store bought, correct lighting.

I have more than 1000 lights. I have some reindeer, a couple of Santas, and a small crèche. Yes, I do pay attention to the REAL reason for the Christmas celebration. Each year, I add something to my collection. I planted my own outdoor tree, many years ago, and it serves me well, today. That is where that relic string of lights goes. I do not think I more than $100.00 invested in all that I have.
I do caution you to be certain any electrical items do have the proper UL tag for “outdoor use” lighting. I also be sure each string has a fuse link. If you are going to use many lights, also use a dedicated “plug in” with at least 20 amp breaker service, because mixed lights do need more “juice.”
My neighbors think I’m crazy, but they do love my bright yard. I like to think it helps Santa find my home, and I also hope Jesus smiles. So if you are not afraid to be unique, and perhaps a bit eccentric, get thee to the places where you can buy cheaply, and don’t be afraid to mix, and match. This can be economical, and fun to do. Merry Christmas!

My Best Festive Decorations for Christmas 2


KOBO Candle Pick-Your-Four Pack

Nothing bespeaks of the holiday spirit like a natural soy scented candles . This natural scented candles not only is a pleasure to look on and smell because of its aromatherapy fragrances  but  it is also  perfect for pampering or gift-giving.  And guys, if you are not sure what to give, we can guarantee you won’t go wrong with these divine scented candles, these wonderful fragrance candles make unique women’s gifts.

Margarita Glass Gel Candle in Tropical Tiki Hut Gift Box (Set of 4)

Burke Decor not only have more than 40 aromatherapy fragrances to choose from, but it also  carries decorative candles with remarkably gorgeous packaging, in case you need to send a present directly to your loved one .

Mixed Silk Peony with Glass Vase

You can also use cheap transparent vases filled with colorful beads. Place a couple of these around the house for a holiday look. Alternatively you can also fill up the vases with strands of single colored lights in red, white and green. The vases should be of different sizes, place them near an electrical point and switch on the lights in them.

It is best to keep a limited budget for your festive  decorations  for Christmas so the most appropriate places to shop are dollar stores and you can save the rest for gifts after all a family can never have too many gifts. So enjoy the holiday season with your entire family and involve everybody in creating their own decorative masterpieces.

So, that is it for today’s article. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it. If you did, and even if you did not, please share your opinion the the comments section below. I am very interested in what you have to say, it helps me to make my blog a bit better every day. I also hope you are interested in this information and will find it useful. If you have any suggestions or questions please also leave them in the comments section below. I am reading all of your  comments and taking them into consideration. Thank you and have an great day!


My Best Festive Decorations for Christmas


How can you possibly experience the festive spirit without the gamut of festive decorations adorning your home? So come November get all the cheerful stuff out, add some creativity to it and create a happy holiday mood for your family and yourself. Decorating the house can in itself turn into a joyous occasion for the entire family.

Decorations don’t have to be overtly opulent anything done with togetherness and creativity can produce exciting results. Of course you will need to plan ahead so that you can get all the things ready before you start. So you will first have to decide on the area of your house that you intend to decorate. Also you need to decide how much you intend to spend on your  home decorative ideas for Christmas .

Once you have these two factors down you are all ready to start, Draw up a list of things that you will need but rummage through your attic before you go out on a shopping spree. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Try to use as many natural things as you can, there are two advantages to doing so one you are doing something good for the planet and two they do not cost a lot. So go out for a walk before the holiday season and collect all the interesting looking branches and twigs that you can find. You can then color them and bunch them together with colorful ribbons, next add some beads to the arrangement and complete with white lights. This arrangement can be used on the door or put it up on the wall.

Make a bouquet of flowers with the holiday blossoms of poinsettias, white amaryllis, clove studded oranges silver bells and tree sprigs painted silver. Place this arrangement in a beautiful crystal vase and put this up on the fireplace mantel. You can also make a similar arrangement with roses, lilies, carnations and other flowers for the dining table.